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Day # 18  Today I met my “new nephew”

Today was a special day. We met my nephew for the first time . He is 5 months old and he is so adorable. We waited this long because my cousin had complications during and after delivering the baby. My cousin Vivi, is the only cousin by my mom’s side who lives in Chicago. 

We waited because we respected her decision and to be safe for the baby’s health. We put the visit  on hold for almost 2 months. First my sister got sick and then I got sick. Finally we were able to coordinate with my cousin 2 weeks ago and finally today was the day.

It was a brunch. Her husband cooked and also with my sister we brought Peruvian empanadas and alfajores. She told us about all her last 2 months before having the baby that ended with a C-section. Then extra complications with her health. We asked her about having another baby and the answer was no. It was a very dramatic risky pregnancy for her age. 

My nephew is a healthy, happy boy. He smiles, trying to imitate / respond to facial expressions and sounds… Oh no, I feel I am writing a report… in conclusion he is healthy and happy.  

We took a picture of the 3 of us with the baby and posted it on our cousin’s whatsapp chat. Right away the cousins in Peru started sending messages. 

We talked for 4 hours and we had to leave because her husband looked tired. We definitely will be getting together soon! 


2 responses to “Day # 18  Today I met my “new nephew””

  1. This is a family full of love kind of post. EVERY baby is a miracle; however, this most special babe is clearly a super, duper miracle. You are a wonderful family to respect the parents time to recover. CONGRATULATIONS to you all/


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