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Day# 16 Today I ‘m going to the gym!

So, I guess, today is the day that I am going back to the gym. I stopped back in December. I was going once a week to the gym for 1 hour working out with a personal trainer. I had good deals and I was able to schedule meetings for 3 months. The last time that I went to the gym was on the Thursday before Winter break. We left for Peru on  Sunday at 4:00AM. I felt like the mission was accomplished . My goal was to work out before going to Peru and be ready for summer there. Well, I came back and “it’s too cold” “it’s snowing” “ Oh, I have to cook” “ laundry day” … so I found “las mil y una excusas” – the one and a thousand excuses to not go. Well, the weather is changing and now summer is coming to Chicago. Alejo has been going to the gym and he even invited me to go with him and I said “ I did yoga in the morning” … and yes I did, it was a Saturday… In my defense, I do yoga on Saturdays and on Tuesdays – yoga studio by home … when the weather cooperates…  So, I think it’s time to go back. I’m paying for the gym membership, so I should go, right? 

It’s 4:05 PM … I think I can do it! 


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