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Day # 15 Chipotle Night

Last night both of us, my daughter and I , were so tired after work. We talked on the phone on our way home and we decided that it was Chipotle night.

I got home and changed my clothes, she did the same thing. Of course my commute is only 25 minutes compared with 1hr and 15 minutes for her. But both of us were, so who’s going to pick up our dinner. She quickly said “I’ve just ordered , so you go mami” . Well, fair is fair, so I did.

While we were getting ready for our meal, she put on a movie, “an old movie” like she said, “ 10 things I hate about you” and asked if I had ever watched it before, and of course I did. She told me that she likes this movie, that at school they read the original book…I didn’t know. So we watched together. And after that another “old movie” Sweet home Alabama, which I like it… So, we had a great Chipotle dinner and Movie night! I try to spend as much time as possible with her before she buys her own place. She is my only one and regardless of her age she will always be my baby! 


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