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Day # 14 Reading a book

I have never been a person who loves to read books. I used to read more often when I was younger. But I noticed that since I met Alejo, I’ve slowed down my reading. Probably because that was when I started the process to get my teaching certification in Illinois and then getting endorsements and my master’s degree. So , technically I did read, but not for fun. It was more with an educational purpose. And for the past 2 years, I have been reading books related to education. But, one of my 50’s birthday gifts from my sister was a book. It was in Spanish, from one of my favorite controversial Peruvian journalists and writers, Jaime Bayly. The name of the book “ Los últimos días de La Prensa”. I like his style because he writes about Lima Society from 1980 and 1990. His books are sometimes an expression of his life or imaginary scenarios but with some sort of real facts of Peruvian history. 

The way that he writes transports you to the story, he writes the way people talk or used to talk. I enjoy reading his books. My sister for example is constantly reading, but she doesn’t like Bayly’s books because of the themes. She likes when I tell her parts of the stories that were mentioned but she doesn’t enjoy his writing style. 

I think he is fun to read,  most of the time he is writing about some “controversial” topics for our traditional “Limeňa” society. By the way, he doesn’t live in Lima anymore… why? Because of his books and comments about politics… at least he can travel to Lima now, for a long time he couldn’t do it… yeah, that’s the Latin American way…  


5 responses to “Day # 14 Reading a book”

  1. I always love reading slices about what people are reading and why. It sounds like you enjoy challenging non-fiction, and I can see why that would be especially challenging while working on your Master’s and getting your teaching certification! I’m glad you are enjoying your birthday book.

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  2. Sounds like an interesting book! Estoy igual que tu, casi no leo mucho porque tengo que leer para mis clases–I’ve been taking a lot of IUs. My dream is to have the time to read for pleasure. During a cruise I took last year, that’s what I did. I read and read all for pleasure. It was amazing!

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