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Day # 13 My daughter cooked today!

Usually Monday is Chipotle’s night. My daughter and I don’t feel too guilty to eat Chipotle, we feel it’s a healthy option among all the fast food available nearby. But today, she sent me a message, to bring bread… yes! She cooked! She works from home twice a week and today she was feeling inspired. She cooked “crema de zapallo” – “butternut squash soup” . Technically “zapallo” is kind of like “pumpkin looks alike” but it tastes different . The most similar flavor or texture is from butternut squash. But she didn’t do it like our  “Peruvian style”. Instead , she did it by following You tube videos (our learning instrument to cook) but like she said “more Americanized style”. It was good!   We put some parmesan cheese on the top , my mom puts fresh cheese or mozzarella. 

I am so proud of my daughter that she has been trying to cook and no matter what, I will always eat her food! 


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