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Day # 12 A day for my hair

I love taking care of my hair. I am getting older and I feel that my “canas” and my gray hair is showing more and more. So religiously every 4 weeks – sometimes 3 – I have to do “ roots touch-up” . Now, I am going to a place in Chicago. It is a salon where they “fixed” my hair after the lady who used to do my hair for years sent me home with “dark, very dark brown hair” . Nobody in the suburbs had the time to fix it – Friday after work . Alejo and I had a birthday dinner to attend the next day. So, Alejo called this lady who has a salon in the area where he used to live when he was young. So, la senora Mary, accepted the challenge to fix my hair and she did. Since that day, I have been visiting her every month. Plus, she is in the city and I also live in the city, so it’s not a big ride for me. It is a very nice place in “La Villita” – yes the South side Mexican area in Chicago. It is a fun experience when I go there. Try to set the earliest appointment available , 9:00 AM I’m there. It is fun to hear Mexican music, children waiting patiently for their appointments , boys getting “perms” yes! Like in the 80’s … I guess it is a big thing for latino boys now… maybe the influence from Bad Bunny? You can hear conversations from people that know people “and then this happens! No te puedo creer! Y luego?” yes, gossip from the area, everybody knows everyone there… I just listen and read my book. 

Today we saw a lady from Guatemala, the lady who was washing my hair told me that she was from “Guate” because she is from there too. This lady was selling chocolates with her little daughter, 4 years old, and of course you feel like “you have to buy”. “ Y Cuanto por los m&ms” ,how much for the m&ms? – 5 dollars! Wow! But I already had the little girl next to me telling me to “comprame chocolates” , buy chocolates from me… so I bought them. Only 1 box. 

I was surprised to see this. Usually you don’t see children selling chocolates or candy here in Chicago or the suburbs. On the contrary ,  in my country it is something that you see everyday. 

Well, after 3 hours spent in the salon, my hair was done.  

Time to go home and get a fresh smoothie from a Mexican store. 

Mission accomplished!


3 responses to “Day # 12 A day for my hair”

  1. I miss La Villita! I used to go get my hair done en La Villita como tu. Then, I moved to the suburbs. Bueno todavía fue por un año hasta que sports and other events took all my time here in the burbs. Sobre las canas, tengo como un año tratando de no cubrirlas. Everyday I tell myself that I will rock my canas. Then there’s times that I just don’t want to see them, and I cave. Ahorita tengo como 3 meses sin retoque. Let’s see how long I can go this time.

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