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Day # 11  When a student moves away

Yesterday during departure, when one of my student’s mother said to me “Good bye, finish today, go Moldova tomorrow”  I was shocked! My student told me last month “ I’m going Moldova, vacation, mmmm happy” , so I thought he was going on vacation, so I said that was awesome. So during the parent-teacher conference his mom told me that they were moving back because she was alone in town with the kids and she was feeling lonely. But she never said the date. This past week , my student was telling us everyday that he was going to Moldova, “tomorrow I’m going Moldova” . My students are very young , for them “tomorrow” could be any time in the future , and “yesterday” could be anytime in the past.  

I was sad to say goodbye, at the door, without the appropriate way to say goodbye. Not even his friends said goodbye to him. Just a big hug from mom and a shy hug from him, he was almost in tears.

When I came home from work, I sent mom a REMIND text message with pictures of him in our classroom. Mom sent me a message later saying “ Thank you teacher love” . 

On Monday I will tell my students about him and maybe we can send him by Remind text a  letter from all of them. We will miss him , that’s for sure. 


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